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DAR understands that, to get the best out of your engine, you need to put the RIGHT lubricant in SPECIFIC to YOUR vehicle. And there is no better choice than DAR’s extensive range of Automotive Lubricants.

DAR Automotive Lubricants has developed into a key division and we are proud of a wealth of knowledge gained from years of service in the industry. This experience empowers us to source superior automotive lubricants from the world’s most respected manufacturers that are specifically formulated to the highest quality and standards to satisfy the values, needs and expectations of our customers and their engines, ensuring continual protection, prolonged life and optimal performance. In addition to the knowledge acquired, DAR has developed innovative systems to ensure that when ordering your lubricants from us, we use your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to identify the correct lubricant range (according to specification) for your vehicle.

During the last few years, we have witnessed several vital changes take place within the passenger motor oil market. A giant stride in the level of quality towards technologically enhanced, high-performance lubricants were made. Followed by delivering outstanding engine protection and durability, these lubricants also provide a response to the environmental challenge by increasing fuel efficiency and contributing to the reduction of harmful emissions. DAR’s product range is adapted to cover the needs of modern vehicles, requiring tailor-made lubricants meeting OEM approvals and/or OEM specification. Our offer also includes an extended range of specific lubricants for previous-generation vehicles, which also needs adaption protection delivered by carefully balanced formulations. Our Transmission and Brake/Levelling/Steering Fluids satisfy the most stringent application conditions and diverse performance requirements.

DAR provides the South African Automotive Industry with a comprehensive range of technology-enriched premium quality lubricants, at competitive prices to ensure joint success with our customers.


Engine Oils (Synthetic & Mineral)

DAR’s premium-grade engine oils have been tested on the road and race track to maximise engine performance. Our engine oils are formulated to meet and exceed the most stringent requirements of car manufacturers and are suitable for engines operating under extended service regimes.

Commercial Vehicle Oils

DAR has a series of engine oils for commercial vehicle engines to meet the needs of the Truck, Transport and Tractor engines. Our products guarantee reliable engine operation and outstanding emissions system protection. They provide operational benefits such as extended drain intervals and enhanced fuel economy.

Transmission & Axle Oils

We provide Transmission Oils for a wide range of passenger cars and commercial vehicles while offering good efficiency and excellent low-temperature performance. Our Axle Oils offer exceptional wear protection for heavy-duty axles and gears operating under highly stressed conditions. These fluids also help prevent bearing failure and offer corrosion protection.

Hydraulic Fluids

DAR’s Hydraulic Fluids are used to transmit energy in hydraulic systems. These products offer excellent lubrication, corrosion and anti-wear properties. They are available in both HM and HV grades. Our hydraulic oils have been designed to be used in demanding applications, for example, vane or gear pumps, machine tools and industrial plant environments.

Brake Fluids

DAR offers a range of high-quality, high boiling point brake and clutch fluids, designed for use in automotive applications such as hydraulic and drum brake systems. Recommended for automotive type hydraulic brake mechanisms of cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles.


DAR AdBlue is a reducing agent produced to ISO 2241 standard for SCR exhaust after-treatment devices in the latest generation of diesel-powered Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI engines. AdBlue is used with selective catalytic reduction systems to reduce emissions of Nitrogen Oxides from the exhausts of diesel vehicles.