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Our Drive Since 1997

Unconditional commitment and a passion for the automotive industry. This has distinguished us for over 23 years. Founded in 1997 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa by Deon Roy, we stand for the highest quality and competence. Our numerous product releases from renowned manufacturers in the automotive and industrial sectors, supported by regular audits attest to this. As a family business, not only are we creating innovative and sustainable automotive solutions at the highest standards, but we are always supplying the South African and surrounding markets with our best products.

What is DAR’s differentiating factor? The goal for us at DAR is to not only succeed through best operational business practise and quality products, but to also focus on the fundamental values of long-term customer relationships and trust in our brand.

Serving The Automotive Industry

Established in 2011, DAR Automotive is an independently owned supplier of quality parts, components, tools and services at competitive prices to the automotive OEM, service and repair industries in Southern Africa.

No customer is too small or too large and we have a range of products and services that will provide high levels of quality and profitability across every level trade. Our many years of importing has allowed us to form international partnerships which gives us access to the best quality auto parts, tools, equipment, consumables and lubricants. We ensure that our products are chosen to offer greater quality and customer satisfaction than many of the cheap knockoffs available in the market today.

Proudly South African, Pushing the Best Products in the Global Market

With over 20 international suppliers and over 200 local suppliers, we can always operate flexibly and cater for the South African market according to its demanding requirements. We support this with strong disruptive software platforms to ensure that our customers have full insights and can order our quality products with ease.


DAR genuinely cares about the direction and growth of South African repairers, we are growing with the help of strategic partners and market leaders from around the world and aim to supply every facet of parts supply and look forward to increasing innovation and quality service delivery well into the future.

Historic Milestones

DAR was established as a supplier of industrial bearings, seals and maintenance products from global leading brands and obtained the Invicta Bearings agency for Port Elizabeth.
In 1999 Invicta Bearings and Bearing Man merged and DAR become an independent agent for the Bearing Man group in the Port Elizabeth region.
The focus was shifted towards automotive bearings and seals, purely focusing on the OEM Aftermarket divisions with Delta Motor Corporation becoming the first customer under the Bearing Man Group.
DAR parted ways with the Bearing Man Group to focus on the DAR brand and established DAR Automotive which would focus on all vehicle parts bumper-bumper.
Staging warehouses were established in 6 provinces to enhance our service offering to existing clients.
With Covid-19 descending on us and disrupting the status quo we decided to revisit our business model and focus on restructuring the business so that DAR Automotive can be well suited for the changes that are coming to the South African Automotive Industry.