The Difference Between OEM, OE and Aftermarket Parts

When your vehicle is due for repairs, maintenance, service or even after an accident, you are faced with a dilemma – weighing up the options of… OEM parts, OE parts and Aftermarket parts!? Does it really matter what parts are used on your vehicle? It is important to understand the different types of parts, before deciding on what the right part is best for your vehicle.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts (OEM)

OEM replacement parts are purchased directly from the vehicle’s manufacturer such as Mercedes, Volvo and Scania. The vehicle manufacturer makes sure the parts are made to fit specifications of a certain make and model, so they fit perfectly. Often more than one supplier is used to make the same part.

These vehicle manufacturer-branded parts come with a price tag and are generally more expensive than OE and aftermarket parts. Availability may also be limited depending on the manufacturer and the part you need.

Original Equipment Parts (OE)

There is normally confusion between OEM and OE parts. Original Equipment parts are from a company that design and manufacture parts. The company may own the design, but the manufacturing of the parts are subcontracted to another company.

This is where Mercedes, Volvo and Scania contract the part to fit their specifications and design to other manufacturers like Behr or get modafinil. That OE part is then packaged and labelled with the Mercedes, Volvo and Scania logo on them. OE parts have the same quality of OEM parts but are more affordable as you are not paying for a brand name.

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts are manufactured by a company different to the manufacturer of your vehicle. It comes from a company that specialises in copying replacement parts for different types of vehicles, not just a single vehicle make and model.  The quality, material, and reliability are questionable, making them the cheapest option.

Expert Advice

We recommend OE parts for all vehicles. However, if the cost is the main deciding factor, aftermarket parts could be the answer for you. If you’re stuck on deciding what type of part to get, we are happy to help. We provide expert advice based on your circumstances. Find the right part today, contact us.