The Right To Repair Act is changing the automotive industry

By sourcing OE parts directly from OE tier 1 suppliers, automotive parts and spares suppliers effectively shorten the supply chain to offer OE parts and services at a much lower price than traditional suppliers.
The right to repair act South Africa

Right to Repair SA has been founded by the Motor Industry Workshop Association (MIWA) representing 2500 independent workshops and automotive aftermarket distributors and parts manufacturers.

Right to Repair SA aims to ensure fair competition in the automotive repair supply chain.

The consumer must have freedom of choice out of the various offerings by a multitude of independent companies which offer him/her the combination of service and price that caters to his/her individual needs.

In this perspective, full access to technical information, the freedom to source and supply replacement parts as well as diagnostic tools and test equipment is most crucial for all market operators to exert their professions and to be able to offer their competitive products and services for the benefit of motoring consumers. Only this ensures drivers the right to decide where to have their vehicle serviced and repaired. Such rights require that vehicle manufacturers efficiently and affordably make available to independent operators all software, tools and repair information needed to service the vehicle.

This will not just benefit the consumer but also ensure long term broad based economic growth.

A second aspect of the campaign is to level the playing field between the manufacturers, parts suppliers and workshops, including the manufacturer approved workshops. Legislation needs to support this during the entire life-cycle of a vehicle, thereby assuring continuous cost effective mobility.

To keep track of the exciting developments pertaining to the The Right To Repair Act in South Africa visit their website: https://www.right2repair.org.za